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BM016 - CANIS AUREUS Compilation

by Compilation

$15.00 / Sold Out

Woodblock printed black box w/ Black hand-stamped Chrome Cassette w/ Insert and dried carnivorous pitcher plant.
Limited to 50.
Bands included from the 2014 CANIS AUREUS lineup:
Eagle Twin , Samesex Dictator(member of Eye of Nix) ,
Muscle & Marrow ,
Aerial Ruin , Golden Raven(member of Ash Borer & Servile Sect) , Eigenlicht(members of Fauna, Skagos and Ekstasis) , Kaoxifer(members of Tormentium, Cult of Unholy Shadows), Acausal(member of Rye Wolves, Scrolls) , ION & Maestus.